What Are Some Common ESL Quiz Questions?


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English as a second language quiz questions vary greatly depending on the language level of the learners. Quiz questions typically focus on whatever topic the instructor is covering in class. Generally, ESL classes focus on fundamental aspects of English language communication, such as grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation.

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Most ESL courses focus on practical language that students need to use frequently throughout their daily lives. As such, quiz questions typically cover such topics as transportation, shopping and traveling. For beginning learners, a vocabulary quiz may include a set of images for students to identify. Fill-in-the-blank questions are also very popular for ESL quizzes. Typically fill-in-the-blank questions ask the student to write the correct form of a given verb or complete another grammar-related task.

Oral quizzes are also an important part of many ESL classes. Since being able to speak clearly is a very important skill, many teachers use this type of quiz to test their students on their pronunciation and ability to answer questions in a clear, natural manner. Questions based on practical tasks such as asking for directions are also common on ESL quizzes. Advanced learners may also be asked to answer questions that require more extensive written responses.

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