What Are Common ESL Practice Questions?

What Are Common ESL Practice Questions?

Common ESL practice questions ask about personal information and other things that might spark a conversation. Practice questions might also ask respondents for their opinions on an issue.

ESL practice questions often ask the respondent’s name, address and national origin. They also ask age, marital status and occupation. ESL practice questions might ask about the respondent’s daily activities and interest in sports.

ESL practice questions commonly deal with everyday situations such as shopping at a store. For example, they might ask the respondent to talk about the availability or cost of an item. Practice questions might ask ESL students to tell the time or directions to a supermarket. They might ask about the author of a book or to whom an item belongs.

Common questions ask what extracurricular activities the respondent is interested in participating in and why. They might also ask respondents to describe what a person looks like. Some questions deal with weather conditions and what respondents like to eat or drink.

ESL practice questions typically ask respondents to state their opinions about a book, a character or their jobs. They might ask how they felt about an exam that they took and what their plans are for the near future. For instance, a question might ask what the ESL students to suggest a good movie to see in the evening. They often ask for the respondents’ suggestions on activities they can do in spare time.