What Are Some Common Doctorate Degrees?


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People commonly obtain doctorate degrees in health, legal, education, engineering and biological or biomedical science fields. Workers often obtain doctorate degrees in these fields because they are required to have the extra education or it results in a higher salary.

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People spend years and a lot of money obtaining doctorate degrees. People do not make the decision to pursue a doctorate degree lightly and usually only do it if they know it will help them get a specific job they want or higher pay. People obtain doctorate degrees in one of two areas: research degrees or professional degrees. Health professionals use doctorate degree educations to practice medicine or psychiatry or to conduct medical research. Medical doctors get to use the doctor title because they have a doctorate degree.

In many states, lawyers are required to earn a doctorate degree in law in order to take the bar exam and become practicing lawyers. Practicing lawyers commonly obtain the Juris Doctor degree, or J.D.

Educators, especially in post-secondary education, get tenure and better paid positions with doctorate degrees. Engineers with doctorate degrees often become researchers or programmers and help advance technologies in engineering fields. Biologists and biomedical scientists with doctorate degrees often work as researchers or educators.

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