What Are Some Common Creole Words or Phrases?


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A few common Creole words and phrases include Kijan ou rele? (what is your name?), Kijan ou ye? (how are you?) and Bonswa (hello). Other examples include Mèsi (thank you) and Souple (please).

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The most common Creole words and phrases center around themes such as greetings for different times of the day. Some of these phrases include Bonjou and Bon maten for the morning, Bon apre-midi and Bonswa for the afternoon and Bònn nui, Bonswa or bon rev to say "goodnight". Phrases used when saying goodbye include Adye, Orevwa, Babay, N a wè pi ta, A pi ta which means "see you later" and A demen which means "until tomorrow".

Common question phrases in Creole include Eske ou gen...? (Do you have...?), Eske ou ka ede nou, souple? (Can you help us please?), Kote nou ka achte...? (Where can we buy...?), Eske ou ka di mwen...? (Can you tell me...?) and Kisa ou vle? (What do you want?). Other commonly asked questions include Kisa ou ap fe la? (What are you doing there?), Kisa sa a ye? (What is that?), Sa k'genyen? (What's the matter?), Ki Jan ou rele? (What is your name?) and Ki kote ke ou rete? (Where do you live?).

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