What Are Some Common Courses That Are Offered at Most Colleges?


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Freshman composition, U.S. history, introductory literature, introduction to Western civilization and introductory or intermediate Spanish are some common courses offered at most colleges. Most colleges in the United States offer a version of core curriculum, which is a set of courses that comprise general education requirements.

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What Are Some Common Courses That Are Offered at Most Colleges?
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At Columbia College, the core curriculum includes courses on contemporary civilization, literature humanities, university writing, art, music and science. Classes in each discipline represent various requirements that are consistent with a baccalaureate, notwithstanding the institution, such as science requirements and humanities requirements.

Similarly, the University of Chicago offers "The Core," which introduces student to every discipline. The breakdown includes humanities, civilization studies, the arts, natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences and language. Specific courses in each discipline may vary between institutions, but the aim of each course and even its relevant texts often does not.

A course in Western civilization or literature humanities invariably touches on the Greeks, philosophy and world literature. The syllabus typically includes Homer, Euripides and Herodotus.

To help students fulfill math requirements, most post-secondary institutions offer college algebra and geometry. Standard courses in the social sciences at most colleges include economics, political science, anthropology and archaeology. Although Spanish is a common course that fulfills the language requirement, many colleges typically offer other Romance languages as well, such as French and Italian.

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