Which Are the Most Common Comprehension Quizzes?


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A common reading comprehension quiz involves asking a student to read a text, appropriate to his age or grade level, and to respond to questions that require answers implied by the text or to retell or summarize the story. Known as informal reading inventories, various commercial versions of this type of comprehension assessment are available. The cloze exercise is also frequently used to assess comprehension. It requires a student to fill in words that have been removed from a text.

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Among the most common types of comprehension test questions are those requiring the identification of the main point or purpose of the text. Questions about the supporting ideas within a passage are also common in comprehension quizzes. A question about a supporting idea may ask the student to explain why something has happened according to what's been read and what is expected to happen next.

Inferential questions require a logical conclusion based on information in the text and are always answered by the text. For example, if the passage says the girl only has trousers, it is directly inferred that the girl does not have a red dress. Other common comprehension question types include tone and style, passage structure, logical reasoning and application. Application questions often require using information from the passage as the basis for predicting the actions or response of someone in a similar situation.

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