What Are Some Common Components of New York Day Care Programs for Pregnant Teenagers?


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The main components of New York day care programs are childcare services, parenting classes and regular high school curriculum. The mother/child programs are meant to help mothers and pregnant teenagers establish better future prospects for themselves and their babies. Baby day care services also make it possible for willing young mothers to work on a part-time basis. Some of the pregnant student programs are offered within the public school system.

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Attendants also access vocational training and assistance with public benefits. Counselors are provided to offer advice and motivation to parenting teenagers seeking to achieve independence. In some programs, counsel may be reinforced strictly. Contraceptives are also offered.

Subjects handled included parenting skills, single parenthood and child-bearing. Young girls are educated on the significance of living a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their kids. Some curriculum offer quilting or sewing lessons instead of subjects such as geometry. The girls are given an opportunity to live, learn, share and bond with other young mothers.

Some reports have recommended closure of pregnancy schools in the state of New York due to a declining student population. The state has struggled to secure backing, funding and qualified educators for the curriculum offered in such schools. The programs are thus deemed separate but unequal.

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