What Are Some Common College Survey Questions?

What Are Some Common College Survey Questions?

Common college surveys like the Princeton Review ask students questions like the name of their school; demographic information, such as race, sex and political views; and how happy they are with their school. On most surveys, answering questions is optional and the surveys are anonymous.

The Princeton Review is a series of questions geared toward undergraduates, Master of Business Administration students and students of law. Each survey can be completed in under 10 minutes.

The undergraduate survey wants to know the school the student attends, what his or her plans are after graduation and why that student chose that particular school. After completing the first page of the survey, it goes on to ask opinion-based questions. Some of the questions asked to undergraduate students include, "First-year students get into the classes of their choice" and "Which best describes the student support and counseling services available?" Students can answer survey questions with answers such as "Strongly Agree," "Strongly Disagree" and "Poor."

Students are also allowed to make comments on the survey. Some questions requiring a written answer include, "What are the greatest strengths of your school?" and "In what areas could your school to improve?"

Areas of the survey include campus life, the student body and questions that involve prep courses and extracurricular activities.