What Are the Most Common Chinese Names in the United States?


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Some of the most common Chinese girl names in the United States include: Bai, Da Xia, Jiang, Lei and Li Li. Other common names are Mei Xing, Mei Zhen, Shan, Yi Min and Yi Ze. Common boy names include Bo, Deshi, Huang, Wen and Zhong.

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Most traditional Chinese parents take into account the child’s time, date and place of birth, as well as their aspirations, hopes and desires for that child and for the family when choosing a name. The Chinese don't a name prior to the birth, because doing so wouldn't result in a name specific to the child, and it could even draw bad spirits.

Most common Chinese names are derived from adjectives, nature, colors and emotions. For example, Bai means "white and pure," Jiang means "river," Li Li means "beautiful," Shan means "coral" and Yi Min means "smart." In addition, Jin means "gold" and Zhong means "model brother." Often, Chinese-Americans have both a Chinese first name and an American first name, and it is up to the family and individual to decide which one is used more. Surnames typically remain in Chinese, but are written using pinyin, in which Chinese words are written using Roman letters. Some common Chinese surnames include Wang, Chen, Zhao, Xu and Li.

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