What Are Some Common Baby Names and Their Meanings?


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Some common baby names for boys are Noah, which means "rest, comfort," Mason, which means "stoneworker" and Ethan, which means "solid, enduring." Some common baby names for girls include Emma, which means "whole" or "universal," Olivia, which means "olive tree" and Sophia, which means "wisdom." As of 2015, these names are among the top five most common baby names for boys and girls in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration.

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What Are Some Common Baby Names and Their Meanings?
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Another name that is one of the most common baby names in the U.S. is the boy's name William. William is derived from the German name Willahelm, which is a combination of "wil," meaning "desire," and "helm," meaning "protection." The name Liam, an Irish shortened form of William, is also common.

The girl's name Ava is a common name that is a variant of the Hebrew name Eve. The meaning of this name is "to live" or "to breathe." Isabella is the Italian form of Elizabeth. Both names mean "my God is an oath."

Other common female baby names include Abigail, which means "my father is joy," Madison, which means "son of Maud," and Emily, which means "industrious." Other common male baby names are Michael, which means "who is like God," Alexander, which means "defending men," and Aiden, which comes from the name Aodhan.

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