What Are Some of the Most Common American Slang Words?


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"Crash," meaning sleep; "booze," meaning alcohol; "grub," another word for food; "psyched," which means excited, and "killer," meaning great or amazing, are some common American slang words. Additional slang words include "wired," meaning hyper; "vibe," meaning feeling; "dough," which means money; and "fishy," another way of saying suspicious.

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InfoSquares.com, which provides information and resources for ESL students and teachers, offers a list of American slang words and phrases. Phrases include "ballpark figure," which means rough estimate; "thick-skinned," meaning not easily offended; "ride shotgun," meaning sit in the front passenger seat of a car; and "wrap up," which means finish. BBCAmerica.com provides a list of ten American slang phrases that are confusing to British people.

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