What Are Some Common African Baby Names for Girls?


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One African baby name for a girl is "Adebowale," which means "return of the crown." Another is "Ayotunde," meaning "come-back of happiness." "Chikelu" means "created by God," and "Chike" means "power of God." "Ekene" means "acclaimed," and "Fumnaya" means "give me love." "Fuhara" is "delight," while "Ife" is "woman of love." "Imami" is "faithful person" and "Lerato" is "beloved woman." "Lesedi" stands for "woman of light" and "Makena" is "delighted."

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Another African name is "Jojo," which means "God raises." "Katlego" translates to "achieving," and "Emem" is "person of peace." "Masika" is "born on a rainy day" and "Mbali" is "like a flower," both African girl's names.

"Mesi" is "water woman" and "Mirembe" is "woman of peace." "Monifa" means "I am the fortunate one," and "Nala" is "successful." "Nia" is "purposeful" and "Nkechi" is "God's present." "Nkiru" and "Nikiruka" both mean "the greatest will come."

"Nomalonga" stands for "sunlit," and "Nombeko," "esteem." "Nomusa" is "filled with compassion" and "Nyarai" means "humble woman." "Oni" is "born on sacred ground," while "Rizaya" is "nice, or pleasant." "Rufaru" means "joy" and "Sade" means "honor bestows a crown." "Sanaa" is "piece of art" and "Sekai" is "funny." "Titilayo" is "forever joyous" and "Yejida" is "mother's picture." "Zalika" is "a well-born child."

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