What Are Some Common Action Verbs?


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Typical action verbs include laugh, walk, smile, scream, sleep, cry, eat, run, text, wash, write and draw. These words denote an action done or being done by a subject to an object in a sentence. Most verbs that imply an action done fall under this category.

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Action verbs can be categorized into two types: transitive and intransitive. Transitive action verbs show the definitive object for which or on which the action is performed. In a sentence with a transitive action verb, the action being done has a definite recipient. For example, "Michael is washing the plates." Here, the object ''plates'' receive the action "washing."

On the other hand, intransitive action verbs describe an action done to a general or non-specific object. Intransitive action verbs can be described as being vague, since they do not point or show the particular object receiving the action. For instance, looking at the first sentence, removing the objects ''plates'' from the sentence would change the category in which the action verb would be placed. Only writing, "Michael is washing" would make the verb intransitive. This is because there isn't a specified recipient of the action ''washing'' in the sentence.

Generally, all action verbs define the action performed by a subject on an object in writing or speech. These type of verbs are also used to describe the subjects that most often are the nouns in sentences.

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