What Are Some Common Abbreviations?


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Etc., e.g., esp., Eng., and Inc. are examples of some common abbreviations. EnglishLeap.com, InfoPlease.com, FactMoster.com and AResearchGuide.com are websites that provide lists of many abbreviations, as of 2015. The sites do not require users to register to view their contents.

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Abbreviations are the short form of words or phrases. They are easy to remember, concise and convenient. The more familiar and successful an abbreviation is, the less the need for the full form. Abbreviations are letter-based, syllable-based and hybrid. Abbreviations help in note-taking, making of inventories, file making and cataloging, according to Encyclopedia.com. Acronyms are a form of abbreviation.

There are various methods employed when writing abbreviations. The first method involves the use of capital letters and points. For example, U.S. for the United States. The second method is the use of capital letters without points: CNN for Cable News Network. The third way is the use of lowercase letters with points, for example, i.e. for that is.

Another method involves the use of mixed capitals and lowercase without points. For example, mRNA for messenger ribonucleic acid. Another technique for creating abbreviations is the use of internal capitals, such as DigiPulse for Digital Pulse. Hybrid forms of abbreviations also exist, for example, B.com to represent Bachelor of Commerce.

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