What Are Some Common 8th Grade Math Notes?


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Some common eight grade math notes include how to convert decimals to fractions, how to write fractions as repeating decimals and how to approximate irrational numbers. Khan Academy states that 8th grade math focuses on learning algebra and getting exposure to foundational geometry concepts.

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Eighth grade math notes include knowing how to express 14.62 as a mixed number. Khan Academy explains that this decimal can be expressed by showing the number 14, then adding 2/10 and 6/100. This mixed number can be simplified by showing the number 14, then adding 26/100. A fraction that could be written as a repeating decimal is 11/36. Khan Academy states that a fraction can be expressed as a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator. It indicates that the student should use enough decimal places in the numerator to see whether the decimal terminates or starts to repeat, and that the answer to this problem is .305. Notes on approximating irrational numbers can include determining the order of three numbers. Irrational numbers often include the square root symbol, so Khan Academy indicates that the student should take the square root of that number and compare it to what the others in the list are the square root of.

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