What Are Some Common 7th Grade Science Questions and Answers?

What Are Some Common 7th Grade Science Questions and Answers?

To meet the New Generation Science Standards, a common assessment question might include: "Which of the following surfaces would produce the quickest speed for a toy car traveling down a ramp: carpet, wood, sandpaper or cork?" The correct answer is "wood."

An potential genetics question is: "What is the most likely reason for a kitten to have the same fur color as its mother?" The answer is: "The kittens received some genes from their mother, which contain information for fur color. All offspring receive genes from their parents, and these genes determine the offspring's traits."

An example of an earth science question is: "Describe the lithosphere and the asthenosphere." The answer is: "The lithosphere is rigid and immovable, and the asthenosphere is hot and flowing."

Another earth science question is: "What is the outcome of the collision between oceanic and continental crust?" The answer is: "The oceanic crust subducts beneath the continental crust."

A life science question is: "Schistosomiasis is a disease that occurs when eggs of small flatworms hatch inside the body. The worms can grow in many different tissues. How could schistosomiasis in the intestines interfere with normal body functions?" The answer is: "By keeping the body from absorbing nutrients from food."

Physical science questions include, "How does a reptile benefit from infrared light?" The correct answer is: "Infrared light increases the body temperature of the animal."