What Are Some Common 3rd Grade Spelling Words?


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Some common third grade spelling words are "isn't," "birthday," "choose," "pretty," "pail" and "cherries." Each of these words is an example of a type of word that students are introduced to in the third grade to help them develop their spelling skills. Students are also expected to learn to arrange a list of words alphabetically.

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In the third grade, students are introduced to contractions and learn how to spell words such as "wasn't" and "I'll." Students also build on their vocabulary of compound words and learn the spelling of "homeroom," "myself" and other similar words. Words that include consonant doubling and those that begin with "qu" are also on the spelling lesson list for third grade students, and they learn to spell words such as "butter," "berry" and "quit." One of the most challenging tasks for third graders is to distinguish common homophones, such as "sail" and "sale," and to learn how to spell them in the proper context. Students also learn to properly spell the plural of words ending with "y" by adding "ies," as in "fairy" and "fairies."

Students in the third grade are taught spelling not simply through memorization but through the practice of a host of other tasks, including writing assignments, constant reading and participating in games that emphasize spelling.

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