How Do You Combine Parents' Names to Create a Baby Name?

To combine parents' names to create a baby name, take letters or syllables from each name and form them into the new name. Alternatively, combine the names using a hyphen while adjusting the gender of one of the names if necessary. A tool to combine parents' names to create a baby name is available on, as of 2015.

One way to create a baby name using the syllables from two names is by writing each syllable from the parents' names on an index card, and then matching these cards together to find a name. Another option is simply combining the first syllable of one parent's name with the last syllable of the other parent's name. For example, John and Judy could combine to Jody.

Combining the names using a hyphen is a simple method that works well with gender neutral names. The parents can also modify one name so it fits the other gender. For example, John and Carla could combine their names to John-Carlo for a boy, or Carla-Jo for a girl.

To use the baby name generator on, visit the site's home page and click Name Generators. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Baby Name Generator. Enter both parents' names into the tool, select a gender or both genders, select an origin and then click Generate Names. The tool provides names that use letters from both parents' names, and underlines those letters in the name result listings.