What Are Some Combebacks for Common Insults?

Some comebacks for common insults include some based on classic jokes, or those targeted at a person's appearance, intelligence or personality. Another possible comeback is to calmly respond to the person who initiated the insult and discuss that it is not appropriate or acceptable.

For an insulting comeback, using the truth about the initiator is a more potent way to affect him. One tip is to focus on a physical trait or characteristic that stands out, such as a big nose, large waist, bald head, lack of education or odd way of speaking. Another option is to use an insulting joke, such as a "your momma" joke or a "your so fat" joke. Jokes are more appropriate if the insults used are meant to be funny or sarcastic.

For a calm response comeback, the point is made by remaining calm and not saying anything mean or degrading to make a significant impact. Looking the initiator in the eye when responding shows maturity and emotional stability. Looking away shows that the insult inflicted pain or anger. Using words such as, "I don't appreciate your words" or "Your comment was unnecessary and mean" addresses the problem without perpetuating another round of insults. Once the point is made, the responder removes himself from the situation and avoids responding to any further insults from the initiator.