What Are Some Colleges That Teach Students How to Write Computer Code?


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Some examples of colleges that teach computer programming languages include Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University. Some colleges offer only specific levels of education, such as the University of Southern California, which offers bachelor's and master's degrees, but not the associate-level degrees.

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MIT offers a service called OpenCourseWare that contains free-to-use college-level courses on subjects spanning a wide variety of topics. This service has computer programming lessons, as of 2015. The available lessons change fairly often to make room for additional topics related to computer programming knowledge.

Many modern colleges are offering degrees in computer sciences that cover programming topics, and the job market for computer-related jobs is predicted to expand. Any college that offers computer science courses is teaching programming to some extent, since programming languages are integral to how a computer functions as a whole.

Computer programming courses tend to cover common computer languages such as Java or C++. Although computer programming is part of most computer science courses, it is only a portion of the course. Additionally, many programming language learning tools are available from venues other than standard colleges and universities. Codecademy, for instance, offers a range of lessons on programming languages, from HTML to Python.

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