Which Colleges Offer Zoology As a Major?


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SchoolChoices lists 76 schools that offer zoology as a major, the most popular of which are the University of Texas, Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, University of Florida and Arizona State University. Students in the zoology major study the behavior, classification and anatomy of animals.

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The zoology major includes courses in anatomy, chemistry and statistics. Other important classes include physics, cellular biology, wildlife management and plant sciences. Students develop strong skills in biological sciences, laboratory sciences, genetics and evolution. A zoology degree can act as a strong basis for other fields of study, such as ecology, conservation, education or veterinary practices.

According to Cappex, zoology majors often find work in zoos and aquariums. Beyond those, however, zoology majors work in natural resources, wildlife management, medicine, public health and research. A zoology degree may also lead to a career as a curator of zoo animals, an animal trainer or a museum registrar. A bachelor's degree can lead to an entry level job, while many zoology careers require graduate studies. Students who are pursuing a major or career in zoology often find volunteer and internship opportunities at zoos, aquariums, museums, and wildlife preserves. This allows them to gain experience in field work and observation.

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