Which Colleges Offer Zoology Degrees?

Which Colleges Offer Zoology Degrees?

Michigan State University, University of Wyoming and Washington State University are three schools that offer zoology degrees. They offer undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in zoology.

Michigan State University, which is situated in East Lansing, offers zoology degrees. In order to obtain a Bachelor of Science in zoology at this institution, students are required to complete at least 33 credits of upper division courses offered by the Department of Zoology. They need to choose and complete one concentration among animal behavior and neurobiology, cell and developmental biology, marine biology, genetics and ecology, evolution and organismal Biology. Michigan State University also offers MS and PhD in zoology.

University of Wyoming, which is located in Laramie, offers B.S. and M.S. degrees in zoology. Students can also choose zoology as a minor. During their first year, students take introductory classes in mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. During their sophomore year, students are expected to complete courses related to evolution, genetics, anatomy and physiology.

In the third and fourth years program participants can select their area of concentration. Their four options are physiology, cell and developmental biology, ecology and organismal biology.

Located in Pullman, Washington State University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in zoology. Students can also choose to minor in zoology. The curriculum at Washington State University is flexible enough to allow students to pursue a variety of interests, including medicine and veterinary.