What Colleges Offer Online Ethics Courses?

What Colleges Offer Online Ethics Courses?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Santa Clara University and Florida State University offer online ethics courses. University of California in Los Angeles also offers online ethics courses.

At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, students can take a course on major topics in ethics. They learn how to examine moral claims and explore moral principles. The course also focuses on what makes people’s lives worth living and the importance of virtue.

Santa Clara University offers a course on business ethics for the real world. Students learn the nature of ethics and its role in a business career. They also learn how to make ethical decisions. Students can take another course to learn how to create an ethical corporate culture. The course teaches strategies for managing ethics in an organization and the role of corporate leaders in the creation of an ethical corporate culture.

Florida State University offers a four-hour online course that provides a detailed review of Florida’s policies pertaining to public records. Participants learn how to avoid breaking open meeting laws. They also learn the laws concerning gifts, honoraria and unauthorized compensation.

Ethics courses at University of California in Los Angeles emphasize the importance of ethical practices in the business world. The courses discuss ethical issues and theories of business ethics. They help students build a solid foundation of ethics and apply it in the business environment. In addition, students learn how to recognize and overcome ethical challenges.