What Colleges Offer Low-Fee Courses?

What Colleges Offer Low-Fee Courses?

Colleges that offer low-fee courses are the University of Wyoming, Lehman College City University of Bronx, New York and the University of Texas at Pan American. In addition, colleges in the California State University system offer low-fee courses at multiple campuses.

The University of Wyoming charges $119 per credit hour for online courses in 38 fields of study, as of January, 2016. In addition, the school offers financial aid to 92 percent of its student body. Course options include weekday or weekend options and program options include educational administration and nursing.

Lehman College City University attracts approximately 12,000 students to its campus in Bronx, New York as of January, 2016. Tuition is less than $5,000 per year for a full-time student. The college encourages community involvement and interaction. Program options include study abroad in countries such as Chile and Korea.

The University of Texas at Pan American offers a year's worth of study for only $2,485, as of January, 2016. The school offers liberal arts degrees as well as more specialized fields of study such as global security studies and military science. The university divides its programming among several, smaller colleges. Students have access to a fitness and recreation center.

California State offers low-fee college courses at its Dominguez Hills and Los Angeles campuses. In addition to low attendance costs of $4,756 per year, as of January 2016, Time says that California State - Los Angeles is one of the best 100 universities in the United States. Tuition at California State - Dominguez Hills is even lower than at the Los Angeles campus, at just $2,791 per year. The Dominquez Hills campus offers academic programming in several distinct colleges and a variety of extracurricular offerings such as academic competitions and a celebration of Native American culture.