What Colleges Offer Courses for People With Dyslexia?

What Colleges Offer Courses for People With Dyslexia?

Some colleges that cater to people with dyslexia are the University of Michigan, University of Arizona and Yale University. A few international colleges are University College London, the University of Sheffield and Kapiti College of New Zealand.

The University of Michigan has a Services for Students with Disability department that serves thousands of students with dyslexia. Some features of the service include extended time for exams, distraction-free testing environments, captioning services and assistance outside of the college.

The University of Arizona utilizes the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques method, which provides individual plans, certified tutors and a separate computer laboratory for students with special needs.

Yale University provides students with disabilities special attention and specific administrative support for dyslexia. The university provides special needs students with specific undergraduate and graduate programs.

University College in London has students from all over the world who take part in its comprehensive programs for student with various disabilities, including dyslexia. Students can access assistance with coursework and social activities to build skills for future jobs.

In South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, the University of Sheffield offers programs and degree courses specifically for students with dyslexia. Students receive assistance with time management, assignments and social skills.

New Zealand's Kapiti College has focused courses and full disability support for students with special needs, including dyslexia.