What Colleges Offer Courses in American Sign Language?

What Colleges Offer Courses in American Sign Language?

Santa Monica College, Goshen College and Golden West College offer courses in American Sign Language. Chaffey College also offers courses in American Sign Language with different levels of proficiency.

Santa Monica College offers American Sign Language I and II. The courses cover the fundamentals of American Sign Language and emphasize nonverbal communication. Students also learn about the culture of the deaf community and get involved in community events.

Chaffey College offers elementary American Sign Language courses. Students learn about the current aspects of the deaf culture, parenting techniques and lipreading. The courses cover the basic principles of phrasing, spelling, vocabulary and sentence patterns. Chaffey College also offers an intermediate American Sign Language course, which focuses on vocabulary, structure and conversational strategies of the language. The course offers a review of grammar and promotes an understanding of the cultural issues pertaining to the deaf community.

Golden West College offers classes that help students build American Sign Language interpreting skills. The courses prepare students for entry-level employment in the American Sign Language interpreting profession.

Goshen College’s ASL Interpreting program introduces students to the language and culture of the deaf community. Students get to work closely with their peers and instructors. In the last semester of the program, students travel to another city for a hands-on internship.