Which Colleges Offer a Free Application Process?

Some colleges that don’t have an application fee are the Mercyhurst College, Barry University, Drake University and Upper Iowa University. Millikin University, York College of Pennsylvania, Smith College and Kettering University also don’t have a fee for online applicants.

One of the best ways to save on the application fee is by applying online, whether the university is an online university or not. Many schools, including these ones listed, are willing to waive the fee as long as the application is submitted online. There is also the option of not paying for the college application if a friend or relative works at or is a previous graduate of the college. Contact the college’s administrative office to find out if this is an option. One college offering this is Western New England University in Massachusetts.

Other schools encourage students to apply for admission in person because they want that face-to-face interaction. At Alfred University in upstate New York, applications are free to any student that visits the college and applies to it directly. Other colleges, like McDaniel College in Maryland, only offer the free application if an official college visit is completed.

Also ask the college or university if the application is waived for low-income students. Some schools offer this option when there is a financial need.