How Do You Know Which Colleges in Canada Are Accredited?


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Canada does not have national accreditation for post-secondary education. Instead of a standard accreditation agency, the provincial government licenses and regulates all state, career and community colleges and authorizes post-secondary institutions to grant degrees. The authorization and license from the provincial ministry of education are already accepted as institutional accreditation.

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Some institutions may request official accreditation from licensed accreditation agencies in or out of Canada. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation has a number of accreditation bodies that grant accreditation to institutions in the United States and in Canada. Career colleges can seek accreditation from Career College Accreditation Program, an organization that provides accreditation services across the country. The CCAP is under the jurisdiction of the National Association of Career Colleges, an umbrella organization that ensures that NACC members meet high regulatory standards. Interested individuals may check colleges accredited by CCAP on Nacc.ca.

In place of accreditation, private colleges may choose to become a member of an external association, such as the NACC. Each province also has an organization committed to maintain certain standards. Private career colleges may also voluntarily seek for accreditation from the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission, an association that accredits private post-secondary vocational and technical schools. Aside from institutional accreditation, colleges and universities may also be eligible to be accredited by professional accrediting agencies that accredit specific programs and departments.

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