What Are Some Colleges Where You Can Study to Become a Pediatrician?


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Three colleges with programs in pediatrics include Harvard University, the University of Buffalo and the University of North Carolina. Pediatrics programs are offered as residencies that medical school graduates enter into for specialty training.

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Harvard University's pediatrics residency program lasts 4 years. The first year is an internship working in patient care while the other 3 years consist of opportunities for teaching and working as supervisors. Residents complete a lot of clinical training and get opportunities to pursue electives in areas like autism and endocrinology.

Residents in the University of Buffalo's pediatrics program get experience working in inpatient wards, the emergency room, newborn nurseries and intensive care units throughout the program. As they progress through the program, they get to supervise others and have opportunities for sub-specialties like dermatology, behavioral pediatrics and radiology.

The University of North Carolina's pediatrics residency features conferences, courses and clinical experiences. Ethics and quality improvement are some additional areas of focus the program provides.

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