Which Colleges Allow Online Registration?

colleges-allow-online-registration Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Holy Apostles College and Seminary, Three Rivers Community College, Norwalk Community College and the University of Notre Dame are four institutions that have online registration in at least some circumstances or for particular programs. Online registration usually takes place on the online portal of the college or university.

Returning, self-paying applicants to Holy Apostles College and Seminary can complete online registration on the school's Populi account, whereas new students need to mail in a paper application. Those receiving financial aid, VA benefits or military benefits need to contact the school before registering online.

Students at Three Rivers Community College register on the school's Commnet portal. Once in the portal, students can click on Registration and Payment and then Select Term and Submit. This leads them to a page where they can choose and register for classes. Norwalk Community College also has a Commnet portal, so students at this school follow a similar procedure.

The University of Notre Dame has an insideND portal where online registration takes place. As with the other schools, students need a username and password provided by the institution to register for classes online. Students can also use the portal to drop and add additional classes within the time frame established by the university.