What Are Some Colleges With a 100-Percent Acceptance Rate?

What Are Some Colleges With a 100-Percent Acceptance Rate?

Colleges that reported a 100-percent acceptance rate include Bismarck State College, Granite State College, Indian River State College and Wayne State College. These institutions are among 19 listed by U.S. News as having the highest acceptance rate for the fall entering class of 2014.

Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, Bismarck State offers technical program certifications in approximately 40 areas and both online and on-site bachelor degree programs. Several graduate degrees are also available.

Granite State College in Concord, New Hampshire, is one of four institutions comprising the University System of New Hampshire. The school offers associate, bachelor's and master's degrees. Flexible scheduling in the various programs allow non-traditional students the opportunity to earn a college degree.

Indian River State College is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Offering over 150 degree programs, Indian River State College prides itself on its open-door policy, guaranteeing admission to any student with a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications. This institution also affords high school students dual enrollment opportunities.

Located in Wayne, Nebraska, Wayne State College originally focused on teacher education but has expanded to include over 90 programs. The school takes pride in its academic reputation, as well as its extracurricular opportunities. Students from many states and nations take advantage of the four academic schools that make up the college.