How Do You Find College Scholarships?

How Do You Find College Scholarships?

Places to find college scholarships include the student's high school, community organizations, religious organizations, specific fields of study and college campus organizations. Applying for scholarships is sometimes difficult, but these opportunities can make a large difference in affording college tuition.

Parents of prospective college students should investigate possible scholarship opportunities offered through their jobs. Many companies, particularly larger organizations, offer some sort of scholarship fund for the children of employees.

A student’s high school is another possible resource for scholarships. Many high schools offer scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors. It’s also worthwhile to apply for any scholarships offered by the college itself and the college’s alumni organization.

Be on the lookout for community groups that offer scholarships to local residents. These scholarships are often fairly small, but there may be little competition, and collecting multiple community scholarships can help make a dent in college tuition and living expenses. Parents or students can also contact a church or other religious organization to ask about possible scholarships.

If they know what they plan to study, students can research scholarships offered in their particular field of interest. The college may offer discipline-specific scholarships, and many other organizations and companies offer financial awards. Many colleges and campus organizations offer scholarships for current students who demonstrate particular achievement.