What Are Some College Grants Available for Women?

college-grants-available-women Credit: Seb Oliver/Image Source/Getty Images

Women seeking college grants can find assistance through varied sources. Sometimes grants are provided by the specific academic institution to which they are applying; other times they come from private organizations with specialized foci. Some specific grants intended for college-bound women are found through the Barry Goldwater Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the National Black Nurses Association and Regent's Health Care, to name just a few.

Many of the grants available to women come from institutions that strive to aid women entering fields of study in which women and minorities are considerably underrepresented. These fields include science, technology, mathematics and medicine. The Barry Goldwater Scholarship Grant, for example, is intended for exemplary students in mathematics, whereas the Ford Foundation Grant is meant for students pursuing not only math, but sciences and engineering more broadly. The Regent's Health Care Scholarship offers grant money for students in New York interested in medicine and dentistry. In business, pertinent grants for women come from the American Association of University Women, the American Society for Women Accountants and the Davis Program at Wellesley College. The Davis Program funds are reserved for women above the conventional college-entry age. With regard to ethnicity-based grants, Spelman College in Georgia has a long history of providing grants and scholarships for black women. The Goizueta Foundation Scholarship at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta is reserved for Hispanic women who both need funding and who have exhibited solid scholarly potential. It's important to research each specific grant, as some demand a certain GPA or other merit standard, while others are purely based on economic need.