How Do You Get a College Education for Free?


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Get a college education for free by applying for scholarships, serving in the U.S. Army or studying abroad in a European country that offers tuition-free education for American citizens. Colleges all across the United States offer scholarships to highly successful students. Whereas some offer full tuition scholarships that render the education free, others may even expand the offer with a monthly stipend to help with living expenses or provide free accommodation in college dorms.

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Veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force, Military, Merchant Marine or Naval Academies are eligible for tuition assistance under the Army Tuition Assistance program. While the exact rules may change from one branch to another, all branches have an upper limit of 130 semester hours of undergraduate study and require that soldiers have completed at least a year of service following training.

Colleges in Europe usually offer college education for free. European countries may exercise different rules for citizens of the countries in the European Union and those from outside the EU. As such, stay up to date on the education laws of the country you consider studying in. For instance, even though Finland offers tuition-free college education regardless of nationality as of 2015, the country plans to charge non-EU citizens €1,500 per year from 2017 on.

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