What College Degrees Require Summer Internships?


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The requirement of a summer internship as part of the college degree depends on the specific college. For example, as of 2015, Longwood University in Virginia and Eastern Connecticut State University include internships as part of the graduation requirements for all students. Other schools, such as Boston College and Villanova University, encourage, but do not require, summer internships.

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One school that requires all degree-seeking students to complete an internship is Longwood University, which includes it as part of the General Education curriculum. The most common time to complete the internship is during the summer between junior and senior years, notes the school's website. Students at Longwood typically find internships through the school's Career Center, which keeps a list of current internships and instructions on how to get their internship approved. Individual programs, such as Communication Studies, may also keep their own list of available internships for students.

Students at Eastern Connecticut State University are also required to complete an internship before graduation, known as a pre-professional experience. There are two options for those who complete the experience. Students who receive credit will have the designation on their transcript, while those who choose to not receive credit will receive a Liberal Arts Work certificate.

Students should check with their individual college to verify whether a summer internship is required for their degree.

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