How Do You Take a College Course?


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In order to take a college course, you must either register with the college or get permission to audit the course from the college and the course instructor. If you register, fill out all necessary paperwork, pay any registration fees and wait for acceptance into the institution before signing up for coursework. When auditing, you sit in on lectures and discussions, but you do not earn credit or a grade.

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Once accepted to a college, register for classes online or with an adviser. Many classes have prerequisite requirements, and unless cleared by an adviser or department personnel, you must pass those prerequisite courses with a specific grade to be eligible to take the course. If you declared a major, choose classes that meet the degree's unit requirements to move toward graduating. Colleges usually have specific registration dates for each class of students, from freshmen to seniors and graduate students. Watch the institution's website to find early registration dates, ensuring you obtain the class schedule you want.

As a class auditor, you have to get permission to attend courses due to limited seating. Auditors do not take tests or turn in assignments, although the course appears on transcripts without a grade or unit assigned for those who audit as part of a course study program. Some paperwork or course fees are required, depending on the college's or department's guidelines. Several colleges allow people 60 years and older to audit courses without paying fees.

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