How Do You Take College Classes in Essex County?

How Do You Take College Classes in Essex County?

To take college classes in Essex County, submit an admissions application to any of the colleges in Essex County, and register for classes after you are accepted. There are approximately 11 institutions in Essex County that offer college classes, including Rutgers University.

Many of the colleges in Essex County offer online admissions process. Several Essex County colleges offer live classes at brick and mortar locations, online or a mixture of both. The admissions application to Rutgers University is available at, under Admissions.

Rutgers also has a continuing education division that is open to non-traditional students. You can take classes for personal or professional enrichment, both degree and non-degree, online or on the Rutgers University campus. The continuing education information and application page is on, under Continuing Education.

Essex County College offers a five-step admissions process on, under Admissions. The first step is to submit an admissions application online. You can review the course catalog before applying. Essex County College welcomes visiting and non-matriculating students, but you must meet with an academic counselor to first review requirements and necessary paperwork.

To take college classes at Seton Hall University, attend a preliminary open house to get a detailed explanation of the admissions and financial aid process. Enrolling in classes is contingent upon getting accepted and paying your tuition. You can apply online at