How do you find a college CEEB code?


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Find a college CEEB code by entering the college's state, city and name into the College Board's code search tool. The tool is free to use and does not require an account or personal information. The tool also provides codes for countries, college majors, high schools, testing centers and scholarships.

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The College Board creates and issues CEEB codes to participating institutions. The College Board also maintains the extensive CEEB code database and makes it available to educational institutions. "CEEB" is an acronym for College Entrance Examination Board, the College Board's original name.

Colleges and universities use CEEB codes as a clear way of identifying educational institutions. While many schools have similar names, the CEEB code is a four- or six-digit number unique to each participating educational institution. Many colleges and universities require CEEB codes to ensure students send their standardized test scores, transcripts and other information to the right place.

CEEB codes are also known as SAT codes, due to the fact that the College Board uses the codes to send educational institutions their students' scores on this widely used college admissions test. ACT Incorporated, the College Board's primary competitor, maintains its own ACT code system for reporting scores on its own standardized tests. However, many more high schools, colleges and universities use CEEB codes than ACT codes.

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