Is College Better Than High School?


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College offers both more freedom and more responsibility than high school, making it better for some students and worse for others. College courses are typically more engaging but simultaneously more difficult, while socialization is more mature and stimulating than in high school.

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One of the most notable differences between high school and college is that students are far more in control of their course selections. While students have much greater freedom to pursue academic interests, college is also far more self-directed than high school, which can make it difficult for those who lack prioritization and time-management skills. For most students, there are no parents around to wake them up on time or encourage them to do their homework. Taking responsibility for all the various social and academic obligations can be a difficult transition for many new college students.

In spite of difficulties, college is also a time for new experiences, many of which shape the overall course of a student?s life. Much of the learning in college comes outside of the classroom, as students deal with roommates, learn to take care of themselves and balance academics and socialization. Most students also find that their peers in college are more diverse and intellectually stimulating. Students typically feel freer to express themselves in college, which leads to a more rewarding social experience overall.

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