How Does College Admissions Assistance Work?


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College Admissions Assistance is a private for-profit company that works with high school students to help them streamline the college admissions process. The company offers a range of services, such as test preparation, application review, scholarship identification and online coaching.

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Services provided by College Admissions are designed to help students successfully navigate the college application process. The company has identified seven critical college decisions and developed a holistic online approach to helping students plan for college and beyond. As a result, CAA breaks down the process into preparation, application and decision-making categories then creates an individual plan to meet the needs of each student. Benefits of working with a company such as CAA include that students have help managing the task of preparing for SAT or ACT exams, identifying career fields that match their interests and strengths and narrowing down the number of colleges to which they apply. The coaching services can help students not only improve their application essays and prepare for interviews but also provide motivation and support during what is often a stressful process. Finally, CAA services can also help parents wade through paperwork and help identify merit awards and scholarships to help ease the financial burden.

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