How Do You Find CogAT Sample Questions?

The CogAT test, which is used for assessing whether or not a child will excel in a gifted program, does not provide sample questions for the exam. The test is confidential. Therefore, the publisher only makes sample questions available to test administrators or teachers. The sample questions are not made available for purchase to anyone else.

For parents who want to test the skills of a child taking the CogAT test, certain exams are available for testing the difficulty of the subject matter. Practice tests similar in nature to the CogAT test are "Building Thinking Skills" or "Thinking Skills for Tests," which are given to elementary students. Either of the two tests will provide a child with more educational exposure at a lower cost, according to the "Think Tonight" website. Therefore, these tests enable a child to "cross-train" for the exam.

Riverside Publishing prints sample CogAT test answers for administrators so they can help a child who may have a problem understanding a question.

According the Health section of the website, About, some educators define giftedness differently than their colleagues. For example, some educators believe giftedness is attributed to a child's ability, while others believe giftedness is synonymous with achievement. However, some "gifted" children are underachievers too. Therefore, a child may be considered gifted in one school system but thought of as average in another.