What Are Some CNC Machinist Schools?

What Are Some CNC Machinist Schools?

Lone Star College, Henry Ford College and Mohawk Valley Community College are some computerized numeric control machinist schools. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College and Fullerton College are also CNC machinist schools.

Lone Star College offers a program that teaches students how to set up and operate CNC machining units. The program also prepares students to monitor machine processes and verify their proper performance. Students need to take a course on the operation of CNC turning centers and a course about the fundamentals of CNC machine control.

Henry Ford College requires students to take degree-specific courses and general education classes to obtain an associate degree in machine tool technology. Students must take core courses such as CNC Operations and Advanced CNC Probing. They also need to take three support courses. They have to complete at least 63 credits to graduate.

Students at Mohawk Valley Community College have to take four machinist courses during their first semesters. They must complete three courses during their second semester. Students get a certificate upon the completion of seven courses.

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College offers state-approved associate of science degrees and certificates of accomplishment in Machine Shop CNC.

Fullerton College emphasizes conventional machining skills on milling machines and CNC machining. Courses commonly include lecture and hands-on laboratory. Students can obtain one of six certificates after passing specified courses. The CNC Operator certificate consists of four courses. Students can earn this certificate in two semesters.