How Does Classworks Help Children Do Better in School?


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Classworks helps student skills by focusing on five key areas: mini-lessons, practice activities, quizzes, review activities and performance tasks. While the program is capable of delivering a complete course regimen for students, Classworks is also suitable for educators who must alternate between instructing a full classroom and helping individual students.

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Classworks helps children perform better in school by supplementing available classroom teaching methods with the five skill areas. Mini-lessons enable students to study new information in short video clips, and educators complement this information with analysis and lecture. The practice activities that Classworks provides give teachers the ability to tailor lesson plans to their own classrooms or even to individual students as necessary. Classworks' quizzes then assess student knowledge of material in the classroom, with assessments resulting in remedial work and review if a student does not meet expectations. Finally, the performance tasks give students the opportunity to use their new knowledge in context based evaluations.

Classworks combines these five skill areas to prepare students in grades kindergarten through eight for secondary education standards. As of May 2015 all of Classworks' lesson plans meet the Common Core Standards Initiative's requirements for education. The program offers more than 10,000 unique activities to help primary education students improve their skills.

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