How Does a Classroom Dojo Work?


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A classroom Dojo is a system that a teacher can use to monitor a student’s behavior by adjusting points. A teacher can use a smartphone, iPad or computer to increase or decrease the student’s point level. These points can be publicly displayed in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard.

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A teacher might subtract points from a student if he is off task and add points if he begins to focus on his studies. Theoretically, at the end of the day, the teacher has a measurement of how bad or good a student’s behavior and performance was. If the points are projected on an interactive whiteboard, the student can see how well he is doing as can his classmates.

Some teachers feel that using the Dojo system creates public shaming and does not motivate or encourage a student to make long term change as it constantly reminds a student of his failures if points are being subtracted. Additionally, other children may be unfairly judged by the point system if they inadvertently become involved with the misbehavior of other students. Some criticize the point system because students may be distracted or overly focused on the point system, and can become deterred from their work. On the contrary, some testimonials related to the effectiveness of the system praise it for helping to keep students on task and focused on their learning.

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