What Is a Classification Paragraph?

A classification paragraph presents information in categories, allowing a great deal of information to be presented logically and clearly. Part of writing an essay is to present information that can lead to supporting a thesis statement or clarify concepts. The classification paragraph is the proper tool to use for this purpose.

The general topic of a thesis statement may not be familiar to readers of the essay, such as when the essay deals with a relatively obscure subject matter. Likewise, the essay topic may require clarification about ideas, such as providing a way for readers to understand how one idea is related to another. In both of these cases, the classification paragraph is an effective way to help readers understand the topic. For example, in the case of a thesis statement on an obscure topic, the classification paragraph can give the reader background information on the topic, such as explaining and classifying different types or groups of people in relation to a topic. In terms of clarifying a topic, the classification paragraph can present information that brings together facts that may be unconnected in a reader's mind. For example, a reader may not realize that organized crime, political states and hackers have much in common, but a paragraph explaining this can help a reader understand how each factor contributes to cybercrime.