What Are Some Classes Offered by Montgomery College Online?

Montgomery College offers hundreds of non-credit online courses through the Ed2Go program, including courses such as Teaching Students With ADHD, Writing Essentials, Medical Math and Personal Finance, as well as courses such as Substitute Teacher Preparation, Dementia Care and Facebook for Business through the UGotClass program and an advanced paralegal certificate program. Most of the school's online courses last four to six weeks, except for paralegal courses, which run for seven weeks.

Ed2Go courses are designed to provide individuals with a convenient way to extend their knowledge. Students do not receive credit for these instructor-led classes, but they can improve career and personal skills as well as their job marketability. The course selection includes topics in business, personal development, technology, computer applications and health care.

UGotClass online courses are short, usually lasting four weeks, and provide crucial skills in areas such as leadership, parenting, social media and professional development. Most of these courses are not eligible for college credit, but several certificates are available, including certificates in self-publishing and e-books, project management, and online teaching.

Montgomery College's advanced paralegal certificate program offers 15 online courses, including Immigration Law, Criminal Procedure, Victim Advocacy and Advanced Legal Research. Students must successfully complete at least six courses to earn the advanced paralegal certificate.