What Are Some Classes on Offer at Clark College?


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Some classes offered at Clark College are those provided by its department of English, for example, English composition I, writing about the sciences, world literature, science fiction and fantasy, detective fiction and introduction to dramatic literature. As of 2015, Clark College provides students with course descriptions and outcomes to assist them in planning their schedule.

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Clark College offers World Literature as three separate courses of three credits each. The first, English 260, focuses on literature from antiquity to the 14th century. English 261 concentrates on world literature from the 15th to 18th century, while English 262 focuses on the 19th century to the present time.

Introduction to dramatic literature is a three-credit courses that focuses on drama as both theater and literature and looks at drama from the perspective or art, philosophy and history. Detective fiction is also a three-credit course. This class includes topics, such as the image of the detective in both British and American cultures and the works of early authors of detective fiction.

One of Clark College's writing courses, writing for the sciences, is a five-credit course. This class focuses on academic writing skills for the physical and life sciences. Students will have the opportunity to read published scientific papers from peer-reviewed journals. Other courses offered at Clark College, as of 2015, include creative writing, women in literature, Pacific Northwest literature and English grammar.

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