What Does Classbrain's "Lemonade Stand" Teach Students?


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Classbrain's "Lemonade Stand" teaches students the basics of running a business. The game is a simple simulation of a young child's lemonade stand. The game is broken up into thirty "days." Each day provides a set of variables the student must respond to in order to sell lemonade.

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At the start of each in-game "day," the student is given the day's weather, ranging from cold and rainy to hot and sunny. This weather dictates the day's "demand" for lemonade, and the student must adjust the amount of lemonade produced. The game also generates a daily cost of producing a cup of lemonade, lets the student set the cost of a cup and lets the student "create" signs for advertising, at a cost. By adjusting and responding to these variables, the student tries to make as much money as possible in the thirty "days".

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