How Does Class Dojo Help Students Manage Their Classes?


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Class Dojo helps students manage their classroom behavior. Class Dojo is an online, Web-based classroom management system that allows teachers to communicate accurate and specific information about student behavior to students and parents in real time. As of 2015, features include student points and demerits, teacher-parent messaging, and behavioral charts.

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How Does Class Dojo Help Students Manage Their Classes?
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Class Dojo is popular amongst youngsters because each child can customize his own avatar. The child is represented as a funny-looking monster. This also makes it more fun for children to see their monster earn points. Children understand that rewards correspond to the number of points they have earned, which discourages them from earning demerits.

In 2014, the New York Times reported the growing popularity of this platform, noting the immediate feedback students receive from the Dojo system. The article describes how the teacher can simply project a portrait of the class onto an overheard projector. From a mobile device or computer, a teacher or designated student can easily award points for acceptable behaviors such as hand-raising, or dock points for unacceptable behaviors such as tardiness.

As the user adds or subtracts points, the instructor gives students an instant snapshot of their behavioral performance in class. Parents and teachers can view the frequency of specific behaviors, both acceptable and unacceptable. It provides actionable data on the behavioral and social skills students need to improve.

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