What Are Some Civil Engineering Topics?

What Are Some Civil Engineering Topics?

Wooden materials in buildings, project management and computer-aided structural engineering are some civil engineering topics. Ocean wave hydrodynamics and wave forces on offshore structures are other civil engineering topics.

Principles of hydrodynamics deal with motion of a viscous or an ideal fluid, wave body interactions and lifting surfaces. Boundary element methods involve the formulation of boundary element methods and their applications to issues in fluid and solid mechanics. Environmental fluid mechanics cover conservation of mass, diffusion and momentum equation. Other topics include jets, energy equation and potential flow.

Computer methods in structural analysis go over energy formulation, substructure analysis and large displacements. Topics related to ground improvement design include mechanical compaction of difficult soils, earth reinforcement and deep soil mixing. Railroad engineering topics include track layout, grade crossings, inspection and condition assessment. Other topics include signaling systems, asset management and railroad traffic control.

Topics related to freight transportation include truck size and weight policies as well as network analysis. Other topics include transport pricing and congestion cost. Infrastructure management systems discuss concepts of infrastructure performance and management.

Other civil engineering topics include principles and theory for modeling risk and reliability as well as the development of rational bases for making decisions under uncertain conditions. Topics pertaining to water resources development and policies include the analysis of water resources projects, planning considerations and their compliance with governmental policies. Other topics include principles in water pollution abatement and wastewater treatment.